A while ago I read the story of the storm on the lake. The disciples of Jezus had to go in the boat in the evening and go to the other side of the lake. And then the come in a storm. They hardly have any progress and in the middle of the night in the middle of the storm Jesus comes walking by, walking on the water.

Storm op het meer
Storm at the lake

The disciples at first think it is a ghost that walks by but then they recognize Jesus. Peter calls to the Lord if Jezus will call him to come towards Him. And when Jezus calls Peter he steps overboard and walks upon the water.

Mostly the thing that draws our attention is the storm in which the disciples are. But is it the storm what the story is about?

Imagine there wasn’t a storm but is was very beautiful weather and the disciples were happy because of the nice weather.

Mooi weer op het meer
Beautiful weather at the lake


Imagine that at that time Jezus would walk by. What would happen? Would Peter have stepped overboard?

When I look at myself than I would have had plenty of time to reason that no-one can walk on water so what I see isn’t real. Secondly I would, when Jesus invited me, remember me that no-one has ever walked on water and when I would get my feet out of the boat I would sink through the surface and sink to the bottom. In short, because of the time I have I would reason to much and I will not take a step in faith.

Perhaps this is the reason that wonders often happen in times when we are in trouble and we don’t have time to think, to reason. Often our though hinder our faith. Perhaps we should look different to our circumstances in which we are and realize that when we are in trouble this may be an opportunity to let wonders happen without having our own thoughts in the way.

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