Last week I read the following story in the hall of an apartment.

‘The Butterfly’

A man finds a cocoon of a butterfly and takes it home. On a day there is a small opening in the cocoon. The man looks how the butterfly struggles to come out through the small opening for a couple of hours.

It looks like the profes has stopped and that the butterfly is stuck within the opening. So the man decides to help the butterfly. Het takes a pair of scissors en cuts away the rest of the cocoon. The butterfly is free now.

But the butterfly has a swollen body and crumpled wings. The man expects the butterfly to spread out his wings any moment and will supports its body. But that doesn’t happen, the rest of his life the butterfly will crawl around with a swollen body and crumpled wings. The butterfly will never be able to fly.

The man, in all his goodness, didn’t understand that that tight cocoon en the struggle needed to get out of it was the way to let flow the body fluid from the body into the wings and pump up the wings te get the butterfly ready to fly. Only this way it would be able to fly when the butterfly would leave the cocoon.

Sometime the struggles are what we need in life. As we would allow ourselves to live without obstacles, without struggles, we would be crippled. We would never be that strong as we would need to be.

We would never fly.

=Live your life without fear.=

= Face the struggles knowing you can overcome them.=

Last Saturday I took the picture on top of this column. De picture reminded me to the story about the butterfly. There are many people who are wounded, are subject to the setbacks of life. They are a butterfly but cannot fly because of their wounds. Maybe you are one of them, perhaps you think “I will never be able to fly’, ‘I hided all my troubles, I have avoided them’. Yes, the butterfly had no escape but luckily it is possible for you to fly.

Yesterday during the sermon I reminded the tekst of John 8:36 where is stated: “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” The Son, the Lord Jezus Christ, can set you free, als from the problems which cause that you cannot fly anymore, which cause you to be different from what you should be, which causes you to be captured and not free. If you cast all your problems on Him He will make you as you should be. You will be a butterfly with beautiful wings to fly and to show how beautiful you are.

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