A while ago I went for a walk in the woods to take some pictures of Autumn. When was at home after the walk I was determined at the time of Autumn, the time that thing which are are perishing, the time of beautiful colors, the time when leaves fall from trees, the time of storms and thunders.

Sometimes it is autumn in our lives. The colors are beautiful, very deep, very intens. But the colors are temporary, a short while and the colors perish, they rot. The beauty of it is that it are nutrients for new things, for new life that coming in spring. In our personal life it can be the same. Things which are beautiful perish in a very short time. Our life is in stormy weather, in a thunderstorm. Than we can be assured that the things that perish are nutrients for new things. the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “What is old has passed away – look, what is new has come!’ That also applies to our life as we turn around towards God but also for every time when we have to let go habits of our ‘old’ life. And what about the nutrients? The nutrients itself don’t produce fruits, the return in the soil and are absorbed by the plant and give fruits in the next season.

In our personal life as a christian we like to be like Christ directly but we have to be patient to see the fruits in our life. The fruits come in the next season, not directly. Enjoy your autumn in your life in the assurance the new life is in sight.

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